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David Goggins: Overcoming Obstacles

Retired Navy Seal Goggins Becomes a Self-Discipline Trailblazer

Photo Courtesy of Mass Communication Specialist Seaman Brandon Rogers

By Cam Cirillo • Published on 12/29/20 • 5 min read

U.S. Navy Seal, world champion athlete, the undisputed master of discipline, these are just a few titles which belong to one of Global Extreme’s most beloved pioneers, David Goggins. His life has been filled with adversity and hardship, but his triumph and resilience is what separates him from the rest. Come and experience the legendary journey of this individual who inspires us to push ourselves beyond what we thought was capable.

No one individual has redefined physical and mental endurance in the modern era quite like David Goggins. Upon retiring from military service, the decorated United States Navy Seal transitioned to a life of athletic competition, participating in over 60 globally-renowned ultramarathons, ultra distance cycling races, triathlons, and other endurance related events. With this stellar resume, Goggins has cemented himself as one of the world’s best overall athletes. Additionally, he has become a social media sensation through his daily motivational videos which center around the principles of work ethic and discipline. Goggins’ unmatched passion for motivating others, constant promotion of exercise and well-being for both the body and mind and revolutionary approach for incorporating discipline as a “secret weapon'' for human development perfectly embodies the Go Where Others Don’t Go lifestyle put forth by Global Extreme. But before obtaining all of his monumental achievements, he experienced a childhood and early adult life that was riddled with adversity and defined by failure.

“Adopt new perspectives and welcome the hardships”

- David Goggins

David Goggins was born to Trunnis and Jackie Goggins on February 17, 1975 in Williamsville, New York, a small town located just outside of Buffalo. His challenges began at a young age, as he dealt with an abusive father who degraded him on a near daily basis. After years of suffering, David and his mother fled to Indiana in the hopes of putting their troubled pasts behind them, but sadly the trouble did not disappear. At 17, Goggins was faced with new challenges: his standardized test scores revealed he was reading at a terribly low level and he faced routine medical complications as a result of being extremely obese. After a period of self-reflection, he realized that he had to turn his life around or else he would continue down the path of destruction that would only result in his death, and this required drastic day-to-day and overall lifestyle reforms. In order to accomplish this, Goggins took all of the elements of his everyday life which he hoped to improve, wrote them down on notecards, then taped to those notecards to his mirror. He called this method the “accountability mirror”, as it forced him to physically confront his shortcomings. At first, he quit his job as an exterminator which allowed time for him to map out his goals. Then, he began eating unprocessed foods and running a small amount everyday, beginning with increments of a quarter mile. Next, he set a weight loss goal in the hopes of one day joining the armed forces after becoming inspired by a television segment on the American military. Finally, he made a promise to himself to become the one thing he both feared and respected above all else: a United States Navy Seal. After years of work, sacrifice, and determination, he more than delivered on his promise by becoming the only member in the over 200 year history of the United States Armed Forces to complete training as a Navy Seal, Army Ranger and Air Force Tactical Air Controller.

David Goggins reminds us that a successful mindset is not driven by accolades, achievements, or fame, but by an undying commitment to discipline. Our lives will never be perfect; we will always navigate obstacles throughout the course of our journey on earth. In response, we must be able to step outside of our comfort zone, no matter the cost. There is a reason Goggins views his greatest accomplishments as the battles he fought overcoming asthma, sickle cell anemia, physiological and physical abuse, obesity, academic failure, and congenital heart defects. Those battles were defined and won through an uncomfortable routine of discipline. This internal strength displayed by Goggins cannot be overlooked; it’s a one of a kind blueprint which helps us achieve life’s goals and pursuits. Yes, trials, tribulations and suffering will be a part of the equation. As a result, one question remains: are you willing to achieve prosperity through welcoming hardship, embracing discipline, and by going where others don’t go?

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