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Go Where Others Don’t Go

Understanding the Pioneer Spirit

Photo Courtesy of Kevin Klarer

By Cam Cirillo & Noah Henkell • Published on 12/31/20 • 3 min read

A lifestyle, a mindset. Calling all risk takers and trailblazers. To those who uncover new domains and chart the unknown, to the trendsetters and innovators, to the ones who willfully embrace uncertainty. Come seek a reality that cuts against the grain in order to advance the human experience. Pioneers. Leaders. Caution, once you’ve entered, there’s no turning back. Global Extreme is fostering a new revolution through visuals and exploration. We have created a culture, a belief. We forever align with those who Go Where Others Don’t Go.

Humanity is infatuated with pioneers and trailblazers. Myself, along with the rest of the world, are routinely captivated by those who made their mark by charting a new path, and why wouldn’t we be? These larger than life pioneers provide us with a sense of stability, motivation, and hope for a brighter future; they are role models we can all look up to. Their triumphs are a direct result of strategic planning, intense work ethic, and an unending desire to never give up. This includes the Wright brothers, who developed the first ever manned aircraft after receiving inspiration from their bicycle business, as well as Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., who tirelessly fought for equality and civil rights despite facing intense racism and hostility. It includes Neil Armstrong, the first ever human to set foot on the moon's surface, and in due time Alyssa Carson, who likely will be the first human to land on the surface of Mars. It includes Edmund Hillary, the first individual to summit Mt. Everest and Steve Jobs, a man that forever revolutionized technology through the founding of Apple and the creation of the iPhone.

“We have created a culture, a belief. We forever align with those who Go Where Others Don’t Go”

- Cam Cirillo

While these monumental pioneers will undoubtedly be remembered for generations to come, we must acknowledge the unknown individuals who helped make these particular achievements a reality. These pioneers, along with others throughout history, are particularly special because they possess the desire of enhancing the human experience without desperately craving praise or recognition. There is a countless list of pioneers that extends far beyond the household names that we know and admire. Any chance you know the man who created the first elevator? I didn’t think so. Even though it’s more than likely that you use an elevator daily, odds are you have never given Schuyler Wheeler the proper credit he deserves.

It’s clear that a majority of pioneers have been grossly underappreciated or even completely forgotten throughout history, and this trend will undoubtedly continue in the future. Thankfully, fame and affirmation is not the uniting force which drives the pioneer spirit. Rather, it is the pursuit of enhancing the human experience, and this pursuit often requires going against the status quo and charting a new path. In other words, pioneers can be defined by going where others don’t go.

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