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Stop Making This Hurt

Stop Making This Hurt by Bleachers | Concert Video

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About Bleachers

Bleachers have captivated audiences worldwide with their distinctive sound and infectious fun energy. Hailing from Brooklyn, New York, a group of immensely talented musicians Mikey Freedom Hart, Evan Smith, Michael “Riddles” Riddleberger, Sean “Hutch” Hutchinson, Azemobo “Zem” Audu and led by frontman and songwriter, Jack Antonoff. Bleachers have carved out their own niche in the music industry. The American rock band blends elements of late 80s’ and early 90s’ pop rock into their exciting modern sound. The story of The Bleachers begins with the musical journey of Jack Antonoff, now well known for producing tracks for Taylor Swift. Born on March 31, 1984, in Bergenfield, New Jersey, Jack's passion for music blossomed at an early age. As a teenager, he honed his skills playing guitar and writing songs, setting the stage for his future in the music industry. His path crossed with that of other gifted musicians, and in 2014, Bleachers officially took shape. Jack initially began working on the first Bleachers album while on tour with his other band, Fun. In 2014, Bleachers released their first single “I Wanna Get Better” then subsequently their debut studio album, Strange Desire, a powerful record that quickly earned critical acclaim and a dedicated fan base. Hits like "I Wanna Get Better" and "Rollercoaster" showcased the band's knack for crafting anthems that blend catchy melodies with introspective lyrics. The album's unique sound, characterized by a fusion of indie-pop, punk, and electronic elements, marked Bleachers as a new force to be reckoned with in the music world. Their first album topped at number 2 on both the US Rock and US Alternative Billboard Charts. The Bleachers continued to evolve and experiment with their sound in subsequent albums. Gone Now (2017) delved deeper into Jack's personal experiences and emotions, producing hits like "Don't Take the Money" and "Hate That You Know Me." This sophomore effort revealed the band's willingness to push creative boundaries while maintaining their signature emotional intensity. Jack Antonoff's collaborative spirit and production prowess have played a significant role in shaping The Bleachers' success. His work with various artists, including Taylor Swift, Lorde, and St. Vincent, has not only earned critical acclaim but also infused fresh influences into Bleachers' music, enriching their sonic palette. Bleachers are renowned for their electrifying live performances. Their concerts are a testament to their passion for connecting with their audience, creating an electric atmosphere where fans become part of the music's heartbeat. The band's infectious energy and Jack Antonoff's charismatic stage presence make each show an unforgettable experience. With a discography that resonates with authenticity and a dedication to pushing artistic boundaries. In 2020, while in the middle of working on their third album, the group did a 3 show mini-tour called “I Love Making This Album but I’m Also Losing My Mind In Here and Need to Come Out and Play” Tour. The album, Take the Sadness Out of Saturday Night (2021), features Bruce Springsteen on track “Chinatown” and an album cover also reminiscent of The Boss as well. Bleachers have secured their place as influential figures in modern indie-pop music. Their impact on both the genre and their dedicated fan base continues to grow, and their future promises more captivating music and unforgettable performances. Bleachers, led by the visionary Jack Antonoff, have risen from the bustling streets of Brooklyn to become an indie-pop sensation. Their ability to blend raw emotion, catchy melodies, and a desire to experiment with their sound has set them apart in the music industry. As they continue to evolve and inspire, Bleachers' music will undoubtedly leave an enduring mark on the hearts and souls of music lovers around the world.

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