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Find Your Own Way by DENM | Concert Video

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About DENM

The Grammy Award winning, SoCal sun-kissed, sand, surf and street Denny has been working on a new wave of sound that has caught the ears of listeners around the world. His diverse palette of music has opened so many doors for him. DENM first began as a producer and songwriter involved with the indie space as a young guy roaming beach towns up the Cali coast. In 2016, DENM released the song “Lit” which was a significant kick-off with Italo house rhythms, fat EDM bass, woozy synths and smoked out vocals. His electronic sound has carried through his work to modern day, meshed with inspiration from Sublime, Slightly Stoopid and legendary reggae acts. Through living in various places like San Diego, Santa Barbara and Isla Vista, he was able to draw inspiration from these acts that dominated the beachy reggae culture. DENM taught himself guitar at 14, studying Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin. DENM’s work attracted a host of admiring peers; including Dirty Heads’ Jared Watson, on his leading single reggae/punk song called “Califas” which was released in the spring of 2021. When listeners do a deep dive on DENM beyond 2019, they will see a very different flavor of art from his 2016-2018 style of EDM production. In 2019, DENM took what he learned from music production over the years and compiled it with a new musical identity. He’s not just trying to be a reggae guy. Indeed, he was inspired by Brad Nowell, finding peace and solitude with it. Denny got kicked out of every school, every house, and was a troubled kid growing up in Southern California. His escape from life’s troubles was through his love for Brad’s creative contributions to the music world. As Denny says, if it feels like it needs to be reggae, make it reggae. If it needs some hip-hop, then make it hip-hop. My goal is to focus on making great art. I’m all over the place with my musical influences, I just love music, he shared. DENM’s talented energetic on-stage performance skill and multifaceted sound make him an artist that all music lovers should take for a ride. Cheers to Denny and his recent Grammy award recognition (2022) on SOJA’s album titled “Beauty In The Silence”.

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