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Along her journey traveling the world and taking note of the beautiful cultures around the world, HIRIE fell in love with reggae music and sought to infuse it with her Hawaiian roots. At the beginning of her career, she would often hear the exclamation and greeting “irie”, which is a term derived from the Jamaican word “patois'', a welcoming greeting which encompasses warmth, positivity and affection. HIRIE’s name was birthed through the melding of the first letter of her island home and the feeling of “irie”, and in her own words, “HIRIE is a lifestyle choice, it’s about healing the body, the mind, and the spirit. Our fans and our band are always saying ‘let's get HIRIE’, it’s a way to detach from the painful complexities of the world, and bask in joyous energy”. HIRIE was nominated for San Diego’s Best Music Award for the hit “Sensi Boy” which has over 1.3 million views on YouTube for its poppy music video. The group has received airplay in Hawaii, Guam, New Zealand, Tahiti, and tropical locales across the globe. HIRIE, informally known as Trish Jetton, put out her first self-titled album in 2013. It would take three years of touring to produce the next and defining release called “Wandering Soul” in 2016. This second album offered a more expansive sound with horns, dub techniques and psychedelic textures. The album was partnered with Rootfire Collective and producer Danny Kalb. In 2016, HIRIE toured with Nahko & Medicine for the People, Tribal Seeds, Iration, and JBoog on The Rebelution Tour. In 2019, HIRIE released her third and most recent album, “Dreamer”, which offers a variety of styles from reggae to rock and smooth pop. Trish is accompanied by Chris Hampton on saxophone, Andrew McKee on trombone, Andres Flores on bass, Blaine Dillinger as lead guitarist, Shiabe Bok on keys, Jason J playing the rhythm guitar, and Matt Benoit on drums.

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