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Good News

Good News (feat. G. Love) by KBong | Concert Video

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About KBong

KBong, born Kevin Bong, is well beloved in the reggae scene for his love-infused music and high energy performances. Born and raised on Oahu, Kevin’s love affair with music began with him learning to play the ukulele in 7th grade. He is famously known for smiling wide while jamming on the keyboards with reggae band Stick Figure, Kevin has been touring with the group since 2012. Kevin is also known for his own laidback breezy blend of island reggae, surf hip-hop, and joy inspiring melodies in his releases as KBong. KBong released his first album in 2014, Hopes and Dreams, with songs “Livin’ Easy” feat. Stick Figure, “Opportunity” feat. Hirie, “Groove” feat. Alific and the fan favorite single “Living in a Dream.” KBong teamed with Johnny Cosmic as a producer and feature on his next release in 2018, Easy to Love You, which included features with The Movement on the title track, as well as “Middle of the Ocean” with Scott Woodruff of Stick Figure, and “Awake” with Raging Fyah. KBong’s lyrics inspire the listener towards living a fearless life chasing what you love. For Kevin, that love is sharing smiles and healing through music. He says, “Music is an expression of ourselves; it’s an art form. Whether you’re playing for one person or a thousand, music soothes the soul.” KBong’s next album, Let Love Lead, begins with “Heal It” featuring Mike Love and continues with three more feature tracks alongside Mellow Mood, Iya Terra, and Flowmads. The release also included the very timely popular single “In This Together,” an honest anthem for peace. Ever continuing to spread the positive vibrations, KBong recently released Smile With The World in 2022. The new album hosts features with artists G. Love & Special Sauce, Beebs, Vana Liya, and a couple tracks with Raye Zaragoza and long-time friend Johnny Cosmic respectively. The album continues his themes of inspiring positive mindset and compassionate approach to life. Kevin even encourages his fans to join the music making themselves, “I encourage people to play music no matter what age! It’s never too late.” The energy of KBong’s music comes alive at his shows. Where he sings while going between playing keyboards, ukulele, and his signature acoustic guitar with a beautiful mandala-like sound hole design. His performance creates an environment of playful bliss and genuine joy flowing through the stage and audience, he is a must see for fans of being happy! Kevin currently resides in San Diego, he keeps himself busy hiking, writing new music, and traveling for pleasure and for playing music solo as KBong and as part of Stick Figure.

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