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About Little Stranger

Composed of brothers from other mothers Kevin and John Shields, Little Stranger is a quirky fun melodic indie hip-hop group with undeniable groove and impressive instrumentalism. The duo, not biologically related, met in school when asked to sit in alphabetical order. The two were born and raised in Philly but now are based out of Charleston, SC. The two released their first single “Rosewater” in 2015, which would appear as the first song on their debut album Buddha the Beast of the same year. The group then delivered their next single “Queen of the Nile” in 2016 and the streaming hit “Me & You” ahead of their EP Techniques in 2017 which includes popular tracks “Girl III” and “Bag Full of Money”. Keeping busy, Little Stranger released another EP the following year Styles & Dynamics containing tunes “Won’t Amount to Nothin’”, “1969” and “Sing it High”. Their music is stylistically reminiscent of Gorillaz and Odelay-era Beck with their own unique goofy relationship and psychedelic themes. Little Stranger also strives to create arresting visual experiences with their music videos and television show LSTV. This is exemplified with their super fun music video for track “Red Rover w/JARV” written in the style of a Power Rangers episode. 2019 saw Little Strangers first visit to Sugarshack sessions and a 5 song EP produced there. The groups next project Human Stranger in 2019 was the result of a collaboration with group Human Resources. 2020 then saw the appearance of single “Blister In The Sun” followed by “Christmas Jawn” and featuring on “Bad Bad”. Little Stranger kicked off 2021 with a hot blast with the hit “Sunburn (with Tropidelic)”. This was followed by singles “Red Rover w/JARV”, “Brain Fog (with Del the Funky Homosapien)”, and their first of many collaborations with The Elovaters first appearing on the track named EP “I’m Fine (with The Elovaters)”. Their next single “Coffee & a Joint” earned high streaming and popularity including the rendition from their second trip to Sugarshack. Little Stranger would go on a kick of collaborations with tracks joining groups Pip the Pansy, Bumpin Uglies, The Elovaters, Surfer Girl, Andy Frasco & the U.N., Grieves, Wreckonize, JARV, Damn Skippy, Sierra Lane, Bret Bollinger, Collie Budz, The Movement and more. Many of these singles were leading up to and included in Little Stranger’s second full length album release Trip Around Saturn, featuring a space car flying through the ring of a purple donut as the album art. The dynamic duo fuses beat machines, acoustic guitar rhythms, singing synth keyboards, melodic harmony and blazing fast rapping into their truly unique sound. They are keeping fans happy, consistently releasing new music including their latest two singles “Cool Kids (with JARV & Damn Skippy) and “Waste My Time (with Collie Budz)”. Little Stranger just recently performed at legendary music festival Lollapalooza as they continue their 2023 tour into the fall. These brothers in music will continue to bend genres with their pioneering music and have a blast doing it.

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