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About Old Crow Medicine Show

Old Crow Medicine Show, the vibrant and spirited American folk band, traces its roots to the streets of New York City where childhood friends Ketch Secor and Critter Fuqua met and bonded over their shared love for traditional folk and bluegrass music. What began as an informal jam session soon evolved into a musical journey that would take them back in time, blending old-time melodies with a give 'em hell energy that would define their signature sound and energetic performances. Formed in 1998, Old Crow Medicine Show quickly gained recognition for their lively shows and dedication to preserving the rich musical heritage of Appalachia. Inspired by the timeless sounds of legendary artists like Woody Guthrie and Bob Dylan, the band found its unique voice by infusing traditional instruments such as the fiddle, banjo, and harmonica with a modern twist. Their ability to capture the essence of a bygone era while injecting a fresh, invigorating spirit into their music set them apart in the crowded landscape of Americana. The breakthrough moment for Old Crow Medicine Show came with their iconic hit "Wagon Wheel," a song co-written by Ketch Secor and Bob Dylan. The track became a cultural phenomenon, earning the band widespread acclaim and a Grammy Award for Best Folk Album. "Wagon Wheel" not only showcased their songwriting prowess but also solidified their status as torchbearers of authentic American roots music. Over the years, the band has released a string of critically acclaimed albums, each a testament to their commitment to storytelling through music. Albums like "O.C.M.S" and "Big Iron World" showcase their versatility, seamlessly blending elements of bluegrass, country, and folk into a cohesive and irresistibly fun sound. Their dedication to live performance has earned them a loyal fanbase, with electrifying shows that transport audiences to a bygone era while keeping their feet firmly planted in the present. Old Crow Medicine Show's influence extends beyond the music scene; they've become cultural ambassadors for Americana, introducing new audiences to the timeless beauty of traditional folk music. With an extensive discography, countless live performances, and a passion for preserving the musical heritage of America, Old Crow Medicine Show continues to be a driving force in the folk revival, proving that the old ways can still speak to the hearts of contemporary audiences. Their latest album, Jubilee, released in August 2023 shortly before headlining the Flannel Jam music festival, includes tunes featuring Willie Watson, Mavis Staples and Sierra Ferell on the high energy “Belle Meade Cockfight”. The immensely talented multi-instrumentalists comprising the current touring lineup of the group includes founding member Ketch Secor on vocals, harmonica, fiddle, banjo and guitar, Morgan Jahnig playing upright bass, Cory Younts on mandolin, keyboards, banjo, harmonica and vocals, Mike Harris on electric slide guitar, mandolin, banjo, dobro, guitjo and vocals, Mason Via on guitar, guitjo, mandolin and vocals, Dante’ Pope laying it down on drums, percussion, piano and vocals, and PJ George on banjo, mandolin, accordion, guitar, fiddle guitjo, and drums. The combined talents of all these individuals creates a whirlwind experience of instrument swapping and versatility at their live shows. As they journey through time and tour the country with instruments in hand and harmonies in the air, Old Crow Medicine Show remains a beacon of authenticity in an ever-evolving musical landscape anchoring us to the joy of our musical roots.

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