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Kona Town

Too Much by Pepper | Concert Video

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About Pepper

The Pepper boys never seem to miss. The three-piece reggae rock band has been together since 1997, and still till’ this day, they shut it down at every venue they pull up to. Their energy in the reggae space is unmatched. The band consists of vocalist/guitarist Kaleo Wassman, vocalist/bassist Bret Bollinger and drummer Yesod Williams. Since their beginnings in the late 90’s, the group has delivered eight studio albums, as well as two live albums. The groups famous second album, Kona Town (2002), peaked #2 on the Billboard Reggae Album chart. The boys toured through 2003 and 2004 with 311, Snoop Dogg, Slightly Stoopid and many others. The name of the band stems from their days back when they waited tables on the Big Island of Hawaii. The guys would rush home to catch the final segments of Saturday Night Live after their long days work at the restaurant. On SNL, there was a famous skit called “The Pepper Boy'' involving goofy waiters that would go up to couples on their date night out and would proceed to crack an obscene amount of pepper onto their dinner plates. “It was so funny to us watching the dates get so angry and of course the lady loving the Italian affection” Bret Bollinger says. It was one of those things the three of us would talk about the next day in the garage when rehearsing and we would just lose it, so we said Pepper for short”. The group has traveled internationally on countless tours while headlining festivals with Dirty Heads, Rebelution, Slightly Stoopid and Sublime with Rome. The Pepper boys know how to get the party goin’ and let it rip. Blessings to Kaleo, Bret, and Yesod who have been playing music together for over 20 years merging the worlds of rock and reggae. It’s Kona Town baby.

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