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Edge of The Ocean

Stick Figure | Music Video

Paradise (Acoustic) (Official Music Video)

Stick Figure | Music Video

Way of Life

Way of Life by Stick Figure | Concert Video

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About Stick Figure

Stick Figure is arguably one of the most well-known and respected Reggae acts in the 21st century. The group includes Scott Woodruff, KBong, Kevin Offitzer, Tommy Suliman, Johnny Cosmic, TJ O’Neil and of course, the iconic Cocoa The Tour Dog. The band was founded in 2006 by Scott Woodruff in Duxbury, Massachusetts. The frontman of the band has been playing instruments since he was 9 years old and his years of experience with production is apparent. Scott was influenced by Keller Williams who utilized a looping method to create music with extensive production layering. Within two years of forming Stick Figure, the band saw tremendous success. Stick Figure was touring with acts such as Rebelution, Slightly Stoopid, Collie Buddz, Passafire, Tribal Seeds and played iconic festivals including Reggae on the River, Levitate, Bonnaroo and California Roots Festival. The band has six studio albums as of 2019, at which three of them peaked #1 on the Billboard Reggae Chart. These albums include Burial Ground (2012), Set in Stone (2015) and World on Fire (2019). This band is truly a powerhouse in the scene, a so-called “dream team”, as many would say. Not only has the band seen growth as a main headlining act around the world; each band member has paved their own unique path in such commendable ways in the world of music. KBong, Stick Figure’s keyboardist, has been growing his music around the United States with his own personally driven creations. He recently hit the road for about a year to share his art with the community. Johnny Cosmic, a multi-instrumentalist for the band, is producing albums everywhere for many up-and-coming names in Reggae while also calling shots in the studio with major players. TJ O’Neil, one of Scott’s childhood friends, has co-written for many acts in the Reggae world while also contributing to Stick Figure by co-writing work with Scott overseas in Indonesia, Australia, Fiji, Thailand and New Zealand. Kevin Offitzer, the drummer for Stick Figure, has not only blown reggae fans away with his positive energy and drumming technique, he recently started a project called Backstage Lessons, an organization dedicated to teaching young musicians. Tommy Suliman, the bassist of the group, consistently keeps fans lifted with his iconic style of play and barefoot swag on stage. And, how can we forget the very best player of them all, Cocoa The Tour Dog, making every stage her home, smiling out at fans in the crowd. Stick Figure continues to headline the largest Reggae festivals worldwide and continues to be a household name in this beautiful genre of sound.

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