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Vibing in Vegas

Santeria by Sublime with Rome | Concert Video

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About Sublime with Rome

Sublime with Rome is a musical group between Eric Wilson, a former member of the original Sublime, and singer and guitarist Rome Ramirez. As many will remember, Sublime was originally fronted by Bradley Nowell until his death in 1996. The original act was formed in 1988 with famous songs “What I Got”, “Santeria”, “Wrong Way” and “April 29”. The original group also released three studio albums, one live album, five compilation albums, three EP’s and one box set. In 2010, the new lineup that included the addition of Rome Ramirez would perform under the second installment of the band under the title “Sublime with Rome”. They played their first new song together called “Panic” on Jimmy Kimmel live show in 2010 where the band began to pick up heavy traction. In 2017, a lineup change was made where Carlos Verdugo from Tribal Seeds headlined as the new drummer. Over the course of the new installment of the band, they released “Yours Truly”, “Sirens” and “Blessings”. The third album was produced by Rob Cavallo and released through Red Music in 2019. The album's single “Wicked Heart” did tremendously well, reaching #34 on the Billboards Alternative Songs chart. Rome was born and raised in Fremont, California with Mexican heritage. Sublime with Rome continues to headline festivals and perform at some of the world’s top venues.

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