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Vibing in Vegas

Santeria by Sublime with Rome | Concert Video

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About Sublime with Rome

Sublime with Rome have been leaders from the start in the alt-rock, reggae, ska, punk scene. Sublime With Rome is the result of a collaboration between Eric Wilson, bassist of Sublime, and singer/guitarist Rome Ramirez. The group is in homage to the band Eric pioneered a genre with and was in part inspired because of Rome’s vocal ability to sound reminiscent of the late great Bradley Nowell, the original singer/guitarist of Sublime. The current lineup of the band includes Eric, Rome, and the former drummer of Tribal Seeds Carlos Verdugo. The group formed in 2010 and released their first album, Yours Truly, in 2011. The record was produced by Paul Leary, the guitarist of Butthole Surfers. Fans of Sublime jumped at the chance to hear the continuation of the spirit of the music making the debut album a success, peaking at number 9 on the Billboard 200 chart and number 3 on the US Rock chart. The release featured tracks “Take It or Leave It”, “Panic”, “Only”, and “Can You Feel It” (feat. Wiz Khalifa). While extensively touring, the group kept creatively busy using a recording studio bus to prepare new material for their sophomore album Sirens, which arrived in 2015. The album includes popular songs such as “Wherever You Go”, “House Party”, “Been Losing Sleep” and the intro title-track which includes a collaboration with Dirty Heads. The record peaked at 36 on the US Billboard chart and top five in the US Rock and US Indie charts. 2017 saw SWR join the Offspring and the Menzingers on a major North American tour. Following the tour, the group teamed up with producer Rob Cavallo (who has worked with Green Day and My Chemical Romance) to begin recording their third album. This project, Blessings, arrived in 2019 and includes popular singles “Blackout”, “Wicked Heart”, “Light On” and more. SWR would release another hit single later that year as well, titled “Goodbyes” and an acoustic track “Lover’s Rock”. Their latest single “Cool & Collected” is the result of a collaboration with musical ally Slightly Stoopid. Sublime With Rome will continue making the rounds touring, creating exciting new music and partying with fans as a way to honor and continue celebrating the great music of Sublime.

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