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Sober/Hungover (feat. Arizona Zervas) by Sueco | Concert Video

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About Sueco

Hailing from the heart of Los Angeles, Sueco, born William Von Startzel on July 28, 1995, has emerged as an intense and dynamic musical innovator. Sueco's musical roots run deep in the eclectic landscape of his upbringing. Growing up, his father served as choir director at a church which his mother and himself also sang together in. Growing up amidst a tapestry of musical genres - from the church choir to the streets' rhythmic pulse to the grit of rock 'n' roll - he internalized these influences and transformed them into a wide musical palette. Starting behind the scenes as a producer and songwriter, Sueco laid the groundwork for his artistic journey, learning the ropes and refining his craft. However, it was the release of "Fast" in 2019 that marked Sueco's breakthrough. The track's infectious energy, infused with trap elements and relatable lyrics, resonated with audiences on TikTok who used the intro to the track to create countless videos often embodying the braggadocious energy of the song. The success of "Fast" demonstrated Sueco's ability to connect with a wide variety of listeners and that attention landed him a contract with Atlantic Records. A remix of the track was also released featuring Offset and A Boogie Wit da Hoodie. In 2019 Sueco’s released his first full LP with Atlantic Records Miscreant. The 24 minute, 8 song release included “Fast”, “novacane:)”, and “dork”. He would continue to release a steady flow of high-streaming singles including “PRIMADONA”, “SOS (feat. Travis Barker)”, “Paralyzed”, and “Story of My Life (Feat. Trippie Redd and ILLENIUM)”. These singles would lead to the arrival of his second album It Was Fun While it Lasted. The album includes the aforementioned singles as well as other popular tracks “Sober”, “Loser”, and “Drunk Dial”. Sueco stayed busy with an ongoing flow of singles, next up being “Next Ex”, “Funeral”, and “Robbery (feat. DREAMERS)”. Sueco would then release a genre bending the fun country-rock collaboration with Warren Zeiders, emphasizing his versatility and openness to evolution in his artistry. His latest two singles being “POS” and “Help Me”. Sueco’s recurring themes of self-hate, high anxiety, depression and hopelessness delve deep into the most difficult emotions allowing those going through their lowest moments to feel recognized and understood in a deeply felt way that only music and few other mediums can provide. This makes Sueco’s fans feel deeply connected and indebted to him for allowing them to no longer feel alone. This provides a hope for relief and encouragement for improvement as exemplified in his latest single “Help Me”. Sueco also just performed at massive music festival Lollapalooza in Chicago to a packed crowd fired up for his set. The show highlighted his extreme intensity and fan connection with trust falling into crowd surfing. Sueco will continue to use his versatility and intensity to pioneer new sounds to connect to his audience.

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