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About Trevor Hall

Trevor Hall is defining a new sound that feels familiar to the soul: the mixologist to an elixir of indie folk and reggae-inspired style, his music is a refreshing and unique blend of roots music. His uplifting music lilts between mellow, rootsy folk, and is known for themes of self-discovery, exploration, and spirituality. Born in Greenwich, Connecticut, Hall grew up in South Carolina in a household full of musicians. His introduction to yoga and spirituality at a young age inspired the heart of his music. He recorded his first album, “Lace Up Your Shoes”, at 16 years old, released in 2004. The unique showcase of his soulful voice coupled with heartfelt lyrics got a lot of attention; his passion onstage quickly gained him a dedicated fanbase that tapped into his positive message. His energy and traction was palpable after the release of his sophomore album, This Is Blue, in 2009. Songs like “Unity” and “Other Ways” became fan favorites and showcased his strength as both a songwriter and performer. With time on the road and touring came an additional sense of wanderlust for Hall which trickled into his music as a powerful and resonant theme. Some of his greatest influences include Bob Marley, Ben Harper, and Xavier Rudd; sharing and expanding on stories that are introspective and often wanderlust. One of Hall’s most remarkable achievements is his extensive touring career. Sharing his music with fans in intimate venues, music festivals, and sold-out shows, Hall has traveled internationally. With the flourishing of his career came the birth of several more albums such as Everything, Everytime, Everywhere in 2011, and “KALA” in 2015. Hall’s passion for music shines through, leaving a lasting impact on everyone in attendance. He is known for soul-stirring, captivating music that you can spin around or head-nod to: reminiscent of beachfront relaxation or barefoot walks in the wilderness, Hall’s contemplative style grounds and refreshes listeners like a summer day. Trevor's music is deeply rooted in spirituality and positivity. Touching on themes of love, gratitude, and personal growth, listeners are inspired to find their own path and embrace the beauty of life’s nuances and synchronicities. Songs like "Brand New Day," "Green Mountain State," and "The Lime Tree" have become fan favorites, resonating with people from all walks of life. Trevor's ability to blend heartfelt lyrics with captivating melodies creates a musical experience that is both uplifting and transformative. In addition to his touring achievements, Trevor Hall is also known for his philanthropic work. He has partnered with organizations such as the Love Serve Remember Foundation and Unite for Sight, using his platform to raise awareness and support important causes. Trevor's commitment to making a positive impact extends beyond his music, making him a true inspiration to his fans and fellow musicians alike. His most recent album, “Trevor Hall and The Great In-Between”, breathes a sense of renewal, forgiveness, and gratitude into listeners, reminding them to live every day fully and intentionally. The opening track, “don’t wanna be machine” begins with simple, warm acoustic chords, blending and fading into intricate drumscapes. These create a dualistic juxtaposition between the natural world and fabrication; between technology and human beauty. The lyrics “I ain’t running with no herd, I’m setting fire to my world” capture Hall’s desire for authenticity in an increasingly technological world: trailblazing and following his intuition to stand out and let the truest self shine. The whirlwind of the opening track’s rhythm, the undercurrent of gentle piano and guitar flourishes, set the tone for a record of organic self-expression and love. Trevor Hall will continue to share his soul through his music. Make sure to see him live to experience the powerful unity of energy between the music and audience.

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