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Retro Blakesberg

Retro Blakesberg

Retro Blakesberg | Commercial

Jay Blakesberg is arguably the best concert photographer that has walked the Earth. It has been an honor to work alongside him. Global Extreme has been able to learn a great deal of knowledge from a world renown legend, sharing his creative journey with us as a touring visual artist. Jay has been shooting photos since his early high school days in the 1970s. He has created a number of books which display his epic photographs of rockstars and iconic figures around the world. Most recently, Jay hosted an exhibit titled “Retro Blakesberg” based on his newest book publication at a Smithsonian affiliate museum. The exhibit includes images from his younger years in the late 1970s up until he went full time digital in 2008, this collection of photographs helps tell the story of the modern-day pop culture landscape documented by Jay. Each of the book’s four chapters, chronologically arranged by decade, begins with an engaging essay written by Jay wherein he discusses what was going on with his life, his career, and the pop culture he was documenting during the corresponding time period. These essays provide an intimate glimpse into Jay’s personal history and professional development, revealing how closely those paths are intertwined. Along with the photos carefully curated by Jay’s daughter Ricki, this book is Jay’s visual autobiography. The book includes a foreword by Flaming Lips frontman Wayne Coyne, and an Introduction by spiritual activist and musician Michael Franti.

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